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You can not know in this regard then watched one up on ebay below; Vibro Champ "cushion shock;. I have a given me by my neighbor, technically still taking him on loan during all these years, said he 'd get him back when he wants. It is all tube amp and has the original card to go with it. I was wondering if you could connect this to a cabinet amps. It is a combined amps. If I had to connect it to a coach, then what would be the best coach respectively wattage and size for it? What is a good coach, if you can remember, and get one that you can buy. Yes so abusive sales retail prices on musical equipment, but I ask you a respectable mix of inexpensive and good. I know nothing about wattage as meets helps him. I 'd say that my amps has about 30 watts of all tube power. Also what is required to connect the amps to a coach if possible? What is high enough so that the amps can play the clubs in tension, exposures and Jole (nothing big, local), however, suitable for small houses?


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