Daniel Bolduc (from Canada) sent us an email informing us that he has finished a another set of DIY Speakers. His latest project is two sets of Swans Tempus Bookshelf Speakers by HiVi Research. The Tempus speakers were featured in the German sound magazine KLANG+TON in their June 2002 issue which commended the excellent acoustic […]

Martin J. King of Quarter Wavelength Loudspeaker Design has added a new DIY open baffle loudspeaker project to his site. Martin’s loudspeaker project uses a Jordan JX92S full range driver mounted on an open baffle in conjunction with a Goldwood GW-1858 woofer which is mounted in an H-frame. The picture below (click to enlarge) shows […]


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The Fisher was the brand name for hi-fi electronic equipment manufactured in New York by The Fisher Radio Corp. during the “golden age” of the vacuum tube, which was named after the company founder, Avery Fisher. During this period, similar brands were H.H. Scott, Marantz, Harman Kardon, and McIntosh. Some of the early 1960s models […]


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Here you will find listings for Fender Amps, the amplifier that has defined electric guitar and bass guitar amplification. There is nothing like an old Fender Amp to fill your soul with tone as you simply plug in, turn it all the way up, and experience sound at it’s most innocent stage. The fire of […]

It was always my intention to build two 6T9 vacuum tube amplifiers. For the first one I used a baking pan for the chassis and I was interested to hear just how good these simple single-ended (SE) tube amps could be with just basic components. From the first hour of play I was very impressed […]

Back in September 2007 Adam constructed a pair of 3-Way DIY Tower Loudspeaker using all HiVi Research drivers. Well, as most of us in this hobby know – once you start building, you just can’t stop! The photo below shows Adam’s HT setup up in 2007 sporting his new DIY tower loudspeakers. And here is […]