franzi asked: Gas Valve Honeywell magnetic Type: V835D13DJ5 LT Pressure: 4 ounces Size: 1 / 2 Cycles: 60 Volt: 24 Ampère; .75 Dell'annata assumptions of the 50's and no luck so far with the references of the web. Related PostsWhere can I find replacement filter capacitors for valve amplifiers?Valve audio amplifier – Wikipedia, the free […]

Konrad W asked: I 'the VE that develops many of the electronic valve amplifiers and audio amp? Ri guitar tube. Gradica using just because? I have a large collection of them and I 'm. trade in the radio and the pipe of the year. I 'M a big fan of the tubes and the self […]

xcaiusxcassiusx asked: From death metal, bands like mean spirit come with cleaning, as the soul makes the black, work for a cowboy, through the eyes of the dead, etc.. Here 's my device: GUITAR: Samick Ultramatic UM3 Adjustments available: – A tone knob – A volume knob – Treenails three-way – Duncan designed Humbuckers PEDAL: […]

boozeclues asked: It 's from the' 70s and comes with 3 preamp tubes and 2 tube amp? King of power. Phillip tubes are of the vintage. Occasionally the game mainly rock, the indie and some stuff all wrong. Traynor amp? King? Canadian made and I 'thought and the result?, m. avr? a good classic tone. […]

christopher_2481 asked: I'm trying to nail the sound in my head with a small house / practice amp? King. I 'm. blue / fan and love the huge rock that the sound of old blues and British blues Eric modify the tonalit? Clapton in particular. the sound that I'm wanting? a real hot bluesy often […]

Chase P asked: And other amp? King who has used and uses. And anyone who has heard that using a VC FUND or series amp? Dell'annata King Club? Related Postscalifornia

TitoBob asked: Many electronic keyboards have stereo outputs. I have good speakers in the musical instrument, so all that needs is an integrated stereo amps of between 30 and 50 watts of RMS power per channel. This is not a huge corridor, just for my house and small meeting rooms. I can 't seem to […]

austinusapowers asked: Of vintage guitars and some vintage amps, guitars are often much higher than the new assessed. Why is that? I 'the VE has always felt that while the technology improves the quality of a modern guitar should be better, too. So that the total production is an issue against handcrafted, but some new […]

bert asked: I just bought a vintage amp? King and 3 Mullard EL34 's but is missing the fourth. I read that if I get a quarter and don 't get the combination to it? competition against the existing pipes. Finally I want to get tied quarter pipe and the other 3 test but I […]

Brandon asked: Here 's the link: I 'm planning on the acquisition of this package, but the only problem is, I don 't know what I want to cover! I 'the VE has limited my choices down to these colors: 1) Cherry consumed 2) The black 3) flashes of sunlight consumed dell'annata If anyone […]

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