Tube amplifiers?

October 29, 2009 | 5 Comments

dart_smart asked: Old technology or not? Related PostsTube Amplifiers – Vacuum Tube Amplifiers – Loudspeakers – Wolcott …For guitar tube amps: what do the terms “clip” or “Sag” mean?Tube Sonic Amps

T P asked: I just bought this I want to build a raft so that? this keeps the pipe. It looks like an amplifier for a guitar. Suggestions on how to build it? Related PostsAboutIs it advisable to plug an early 70’s tube amp into a PC? Also, mixer and recording questions?Using mains transformers […]

masterblaster asked: Hello, I have a peavey 5150 and its functioning correctly … when I try to play through it I can barely hear the guitar at all, im thinking of the pipes are skipped because it is really old. is there a way I can tell by examining the pipe if it is skipped […]

ronsmall asked: the heads of the pipe need a different coach in a semi conductor? semi conductor ive never used the only way the scene of the pipe is new to me. Related PostsTube Amplifiers – Vacuum Tube Amplifiers – Loudspeakers – Wolcott …For guitar tube amps: what do the terms “clip” or “Sag” mean?Tube […]

I Am Me Is I asked: You can not know in this regard then watched one up on ebay below; Vibro Champ "cushion shock;. I have a given me by my neighbor, technically still taking him on loan during all these years, said he 'd get him back when he wants. It is all tube […]

Paul H asked: ? an electronic tube "phillips" ECG – code? "" 2AV2;. Was met in an original? -1970 to 'cushion the shock s (?) the amplifier, it would not be un'unit? Original installed – can be a replacement. What? used for? ? a tube preamp? O? a tube rectifier? ? almost the same format […]

RamazRamz asked: I have a pair of receivers and amplifiers of the tube that I want to restore. How to restore them without damaging my collectibles without money? I want to clean the chasis + the outside to make them seem brand new, but how? What chemicals can I use? All good connections also help, […]

fourstring_priest asked: I 'm. now that makes it work with six the MESA 6L6GC STR-440 'YES' d Gradica know the current and wattage that it 'd is whether the fall in six Sovtek 6550WE' s to replace the 6L6 's. The amps run the tubes at about 510-520 volts dishes. Related PostsWhere can I get […]

devilus asked: integreted ber of the groove of NR900E Onkyo 110. Related PostsGuitar amps- Tube amplifier or solid-state amplifier?do i relly need a tube amplifier ?Whats the difference between a tube amplifier and a solid state amplifier?

M J asked: Hello types! I 'the VE been around some tube amps and none of them quite strongly snap shut once the one I' the VE obtained. What causes a tube amps to make a snap once off anyway? Electricity that is stored unloaded nell'altoparlante? More importantly, damage the amplifier when I do this? […]

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