sunrayman123 asked: I bought a pair of nice nut I cashed 4 speakers momentum II Jennings search for meaning. You have never heard of it? They are good? 6 Ohm are estimated rather than 8 ohms, I have a familiar with. 35W to 150W rms continuous. What a difference nell'impedenza 6 ohms mean? My transports […]

*~Nadia~* asked: ci? ? it: on a cushion shock amp? re pro-child, was the vintage 70-watt mint. could someone tell me a little more? In this regard, as the year? been done, how valuable that?, etc.? Related PostsFenderfender pa 135 Search ResultFender PA 100 , model CFA7310 Search Result

the madman is king asked: do it has obtained a Related PostsWhat Marshall amp to buy, Vintage modern or another ?Guitar amp half stack question?Marshall amps?

va.halen_nut66 asked: I 'M which makes building a custom guitar and was wanting to buy a new amp? king to go with it. So that the tube amp? Give the king? the best period healthy, but what? pipe pi? affordable amp? king who still give? a great sound of vintage? Thanks in advance for any […]

vacuum tube maker?

March 27, 2011 | 1 Comment

Eric C asked: I have to ensure the sources of electronic valve for my tube amps, all no. dell'annata that stocks are so expensive. because there isn 't the new creator of the pipe? there is still good demand out there audiofile intransigent. the only creator I know Harmonix is still electronic, but expensive and […]

Braqs asked: I have around $ 1000 to spend, I want to get a mahogany study of vintage Gibson Les Paul or a Shecter Hellraiser. Li Gradica both the study and a lot of Les Paul is $ 900 and the Hellraiser is $ 850. The Les Paul doesn 't have a whammy bar and […]

Jim H asked: The speakers for the vintage style of vintage amps a write Celestion'm looking for H & H Alnco, Weber or Jensen Related PostsStereo speaker pair: 4 ohm pair more sensitive- efficient, or a 6 ohm pair?Vintage SpeakersJBL Vintage Speakers

foreverfree. asked: I 'm. looking to upgrade to a half stack soon Related PostsWhat’s the difference between the Pioneer SG-9800 and SG-9? Or what’s better than a vintage equalizer?Vintage Guitar AmplifiersGood Tube Guitar Amplifier ~$1000?

truekicks asked: I have Jass of Ibanez electric and a tube of vintage amps of the box. Is there spicific effects pedal that can give rockabilly, the sound of brian setzer. I have the effect on my pedal zoom but I do not want to depend from the drive. Related PostsCan I run guitar rig […]

This is a question that we get often: I measured the direct current resistance (DCR) of xyz using a multimeter and the result is higher than what the data sheet says it should be! Since most of our readers are audio enthusiasts, xyz is typically a speaker, but it could be any low resistance device […]

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