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33ea asked:

I am looking for a tube amplifier that I can play in my condo. The reason I want a tube amp rather than the $ 80 amp? King combined Gradica I have the tone that I hear about some bands like Megadeth and AC / DC. I don 't mind a 4x12 cab and a head of 50W plexi, but I feel that should be played up to get the distortion on it. Cos', I'm looking to find some model numbers that I should check deposits


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  1. JieXu on September 24, 2009 3:35 pm

    Wow, you’re in for problems with the condo association if you crank up your volume to 11.

    I love tube amps, and a Fender 50W combo is a good choice (no need for a cab). But your lamps have to heat up to get the best distorsion, and at that level no one will let you play for long before the cops show up at your door.

    Two possible remedies:

    1 ) By a model amp — like the Line 6 Pods and other such pre-amps. They imitate the sound of famous old combos with Solid State circuitry (electronic amps). No need to crank up the volume, and you can play with a headset — saving yourself from your neighbors’ wrath. If you plug into a basic mixer board like a Mackie 1203 (or a Peavy or a Carvin), you will be able to plug in a drum machine, a stereo, and any software with loops and samples to play together with your favorite bands.

    2 ) There is a little gizmo which was made about 5 years ago which allows you to get all the distorsion you need from your tube head (or combo) without bothering your neighbors. This gizmo plugs in the amp, and allows you to crank up your gain knob to 10 (so as to get good heat in your lamps) but reduces the volume which comes out of the amp. The only problem with this gizmo was that it shortened the lifespan of your lamps. They might have improved on the technology in the last few years though, and this issue might have been remedied. I don’t remember the name of this gizmo on top of my head, but you can find it on the internet, no doubt.

    Hope this helps. Rock’ on!

  2. Kato on September 26, 2009 9:45 am

    Tube amps rock. This is the best thing going in my opinion for your situation, the Epiphone Valve Jr. half stack. It runs about $250 and is just awesome. Don’t let the 5 watts fool you, these are pure class A watts. There is no eq or effects on this amp but lets face it, the effects on most amps aren’t that good. I prefer to use pedals myself. With tube amps you do have to crank them up to get that over drive sound. With this amp you can accomplish that without pissing off the neighbors. You really need to do yourself a favor and play this amp before buying something else. It is such a good amp that companies are making $400 transformer mod kits for this $250 amp and folks are buying them left and right. It is the most modified amp made because people just love them. I added a reverb and distortion pedal to this setup and it is incredible. I may add an eq at some point but it sounds so good I can’t see spending the money right now. I also have a $700 Fender tube amp sitting right next to it and I always play the Epi at home.

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