Tube Amplifiers
Paul Hxyz asked:

I was running a amps this afternoon and noticed that the power conditioner was indicating the voltage was lower than normal. The amps didn 't quite right ring me - I imagine that this is, or is there something to this? The amps is a Rivera Clubster 25, the speaker is not "in" broken yet, but I know what usually sounds like. An air conditioner is on the same circuit is drawing much power, that is because the voltage is lower (109 to 119 volts). Also, I was playing with another, different amps - my perception was influenced other amps or is there really something to this? Maybe I'm going to need a voltage stabilizer to maintain constant voltage to the tone is the same? HELP! Thanks! BTW: I used the same on both guitar amps, the same adjustments. Added: Now I know the answer to this problem, but if you still want to send please do - we could have something the whole didn 't know before, so its always cool to learn something new! The first answer is very good, BTW.


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