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I noticed that the tube amp? Kings with the same wattage of my amp? Re semi conductor (75W)? molto pi? expensive. I assume that the sound should be better if they are so? so pi? expensive, but if I were to get 15 - 30W tube amp? king for it? had a more sound? rich that my amp? current king?


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  1. gvaporcarb on November 5, 2009 9:16 am

    It’s all a matter of subjective opinion, but I, and many others would have to say yes.You can get a lot more really cool distortion effects than with solid state.And, to me, at least, the Bass seems to come across much better.An economical way to come close is to get a Tube Pre-Amp that uses 12AX7 Tubes,connected to the Input of your Solid State Amp.If you know someone that’s into Electronics, there is just such a Kit described in this month’s Nuts & Volts Magazine.

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