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1960's_psych asked:

What? the best valve amp? king of new or vintage guitar for around £ 500, please note the healthy Byrds, Beatles, P90 boys' beach, where collections of collections of jaguar cushion shock


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  1. cadaholic on June 2, 2009 10:12 am

    call up a guitar center and ask them too!

  2. TXm42 on June 4, 2009 4:46 am

    500 pounds is about $1000 USD right now

    Some Amps in that price area worth checking out are

    Vox AC30 Re-Issue ,,,

    That’s the “THE Beatles” sound…they used old AC30 TopBoost amps a Bunch.

    It’s a Different Circuit from most other amps ,hence different tone & response from most anything else.

    Good Luck…..they wen’t gearheads at all,,,especially as far as Amps.

    Many Recordings are Direct In to console,,,No Amp.

    They did use some small Epiphone Amps occasionally.
    Which ones??Who knows…?Not me for sure.

    Old Gibson L-series solid state amps,,,and Roland chorus amps will probably come as close as anything to replicating Birds sound.

    The 12String Ric’s were a LARGE part of the sound,,and a few Gretch’s they sometimes used.

    Mostly,,,it’s ‘Studio magic”—-the Byrds sound was in the recording/production.

    Beachboys = Fender

    Some Current Fender Models around your price range(at least in USA mkt)

    Bassman Reissue-has NOTHING for features.Plain Amp

    SuperReverb Re-Issue–has Reverb & tremolo

    Blues Deville 4-10
    HotRod Deville 4-10
    These have more “MODERN FEATURES”

    Any of those would nail surf music,,do fine for Byrds,,,and can fake Beatles Tone well enough

    Actually…AMP-wise Byrds,Beatles,BeachBoys are 3 entirely different amp-sounds

    Birds>Electronic processed
    Beatles>Class A
    BeachBoys>Class A-B

    If you’re around a place that has one of the Vox Valvetronic modelling amps—-Check them out.
    Vox Valvetronix AD100VT 100W 2×12’s
    Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50W 1×12
    They got 30w and 15w versions also.

    They’re “cheapish” priced,,and offer a wide variety of tones.
    Most of any soundclips you can find online showcase a lot of hi-gain or overdrive tones

    These things clean up pretty well ,,,and offer the Compression/Chorus processed type of BYRDS tone.

    Beatles,,,It’s a VOX and does a pretty good old VOX AC30TB impersonation.

    Also has enough Beachboys-type Fender + Delay/Reverb/Echo Surf Music tone to make you wary of sharks

    I’m not a fan of Silicon Chip sound,,,much prefer valves myself.

    But the VOX Valvetronics Might appeal to you.

    All ya can do is Take a Listen and see how it goes.

    Hope that helps.

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