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masterblaster asked:

Hello, I have a peavey 5150 and its functioning correctly ... when I try to play through it I can barely hear the guitar at all, im thinking of the pipes are skipped because it is really old. is there a way I can tell by examining the pipe if it is skipped or not? Furthermore, there is a spring-like noise when the amps did a little ', I think that is the reel for the unity of the reverb? this is normal for you to make that sound when he acted a little '?


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  1. Tracy on October 26, 2009 12:07 pm

    It is normal for the reverb spring to make a noise when you shake it.

    Turn the lights out and see if you can see an orange glow in each tube. If a glass tube has no glow it is burned out. Some tubes are metal and you can’t see the glow. If you have any of those you leave the amp on for a few minutes and touch the tubes with your fingers. They should be warm or hot. If they are cold they are probably burned out.

    Even if they glow and are hot they can still be weak, it takes a tube tester to prove that.

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