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teddy s asked:

this is in my amplifier Silverton twin of twelve o'clock of burns what the changes are also healthy? and the danger to my amp>?


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  1. goldwing110083 on November 20, 2009 3:55 am

    12AT7 tube has much lower amplification factor than the 12AX7 tube…about 5 or more times less. IF you replace with a 12AT7 in an amp, you may find that you cannot get the volume you had with the 12AX7…not much difference other than that. Try it ans see what happens. But, If I were you, all amps are designed with each stage at a set amplification….to lower one stage may result in poor performance due to cranking up volume control to point that clipping occurs, and yet still not enough volume..depends on what stage this tube is in. IF it is in the early preamp stages, such as for Magnetic cartridege, you will probably not have enough volume to reach rated wattage of amp…On the other hand, a 10 fold decrease in amplificaton only results in about a 6 db sound difference, and if you do not drive this unit to loud levels, you may not notice any difference. Good luck.

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