This is a question that we get often: I measured the direct current resistance (DCR) of xyz using a multimeter and the result is higher than what the data sheet says it should be! Since most of our readers are audio enthusiasts, xyz is typically a speaker, but it could be any low resistance device […]

Until now, Vacuum Tube Amplifiers have been the domain of esoteric audiophiles with large budgets and  even larger egos.     Related PostsHashimoto Sansui Vacuum tube transformer vacuum tube transformers …All Tube Amplifiers211/845

Tube amplifiers, vacuum tube amplifiers, distortion-free speaker systems and more are the specialty of this boutique electronics firm renowned for its innovation in audio research. Related PostsAll Vacuum Tube AmplifiersAll Tube AmplifiersHow would I go about building a super-simple, non-tube electric guitar amplifier, and will this even work?

THE BEST TUBE GUITAR AMP AROUND … The designers, the design. High Frequency design Andalucía, s.l. We are a laboratory with a vast experience in High Frequency technology in … Related PostsHow can I play guitar backtracks through an tube amplifier?Tube guitar amplifier question?Tube Sonic Amps

Tube Sonic Amps

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Tube-Sonic Audio is dedicated to providing its customers with the finest handbuilt all-tube guitar amplifiers and Custom built tube hi-fi amplifiers Related Posts12AX7FRENZEL Tube AmpsHoffman Amplifiers, Tube amplifier parts, tube amps, tubes

tube amp parts, tubes, guitar tube amps, vintage tube amp parts, vintage tube amp parts, new and vintage tube amps, tubes, tube amps. Related PostsVintage Stereo EquipmentVintage Tube Amplifiers | Tubes AmplifierClassic Tube Amps

A while back I purchased a pair of Jordan JX92S fullrange speakers. At the time I purchased them I didn’t really know what I was going to do with them, but having read so many positive comments about these drivers, I really wanted to hear them for myself. At $180 each, the drivers are costly, […]

Mark in Australia has put together a moving magnet phono preamplifier using a electronics hobby kit. The phono preamp kit provides everything you need except minus an enclosure and a power supply (AC walwart). The circuitry is contained on a printed circuit board (PCB) and consists of operational amplifiers (opamps) with up to three equalization […]

This is Alan’s mini-tube preamplifier. It is a very simple tube preamplifier project that will work with the 12AX7 or 12AU7 vacuum tubes, both of which are fairly common. The preamp is built using primarily parts that Alan had on hand. To make a real frugal build, the preamp can be built using 12V transformers […]

Steve has sent us details on his latest vacuum tube amplifier project. Steve tells us that this great looking vacuum tube amplifier project was inspired by the Spare Time Gizmo single-ended 6T9 tube amp kit from 2004. The circuit ideas for the push-pull output stage came from his EICO HF-81 and RCA Receiving Tube Manual. […]

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