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  1. Keira on May 25, 2009 3:44 pm

    I personally don’t really like Epiphone guitars, but I’m not sure…

  2. Nikhil R on May 25, 2009 8:41 pm

    Yes it’s not a bad guitar, but I think you can get a better guitar and amp for the same price. Seeing as you want to get a pack that includes an amp I’m assuming this is your first electric guitar, If so check out this guitar and amp which total to about the same price and which are much better:

    The guitar is a Schecter Omen

    I know it may not look as good as the G-400 to some but it is more versatile and easier to play than the G-400. The pickups in it are also decent enough and better than the G-400’s pickups so you get a better and clearer sound.

    Now, the guitar amplifier all depends on what genre of music you want to play.

    If you want to play metal I suggest getting this amp: the roland cube15x

    Even though it can play lighter stuff like classic rock and clean sounding acoustic stuff it is best when playing metal.

    If you want to play more rock, classic rock and lighter stuff then check out The Vox Pathfinder

    A very good amp for rock and clean stuff.

    You will also want to buy a lead to connect the guitar to the amp

    and a guitar tuner

    So the total will end up being about just under $420 for a quite decent setup.

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