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From death metal, bands like mean spirit come with cleaning, as the soul makes the black, work for a cowboy, through the eyes of the dead, etc.. Here 's my device: GUITAR: Samick Ultramatic UM3 Adjustments available: - A tone knob - A volume knob - Treenails three-way - Duncan designed Humbuckers PEDAL: Zone MT-2 Metal Adjustments available: - Level (minute maximum) - Compensator high (- 15 - +15) - Compensator low (- 15 - +15) - Compensator half (200 to 5k) - Compensator half Freq. (200 to 5k) - Distortion (minute maximum) Amps: Coller 158 (Transtube) of Peavey Adjustments available: -15 Watts - An 8-inch speaker - Two slots securities: clean and lead - 3 bind EQ (bass, mid, level) - Switch of expression vintage / modern Someone with good knowledge of this sort of thing so please help out. Also, please keep the sound I 'm. going to answer in mind when a. I played around with my pedal and now I can 't find the setting for good. I 'm. also studying the possibility of persuading a Dimebucker to replace my front humbucker for a more metal sound.


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  1. punkprincezztrainee on April 26, 2009 4:36 pm

    use a pick and dont turn it up too loud

    i love hard metal

  2. crawler on May 2, 2009 2:48 pm

    Guitar= tone and volume all the way up toggle on lead setting usually all the way down. EQ = at about 1/2 way with the line input (level min to max) boost the highs and drop the mids (just below the low setting) raise the lows to just under your highs 3/4 on the distortion. Amp = Lead channel again boost the lows but on the amp keep the mids just below the lows and the highs just above both of them If you want the early Dmetal sound try the vintage setting if you are going for technoclean cradle of filth type sound use the modern setting if you have reverb keep it to a minimum.

  3. noxtommorow on May 5, 2009 6:16 am

    guitar on full tone, adjust volume to good level. on lead humbucker. try a bill lawrence xl500 ($50 shipped), dimebag used it prior to getting a signature hum. if you install it upside down it sounds exactly like a dimebucker.

    mt-2 level 5, high 7, low 7, mid 0, mid freq 5, dist 8

    amp on lead channel, no mid, low and high on 6-8.

    i only have experience with the metal zone but that setup should easily dial in excellent metal tone.

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