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Mr. Awesome. asked:

okayy so I bought just the one tube amps (which roadking MESA) and all drugs except play slots a clean groove (slot two). For some reason when it switches to it. Wel be calmer for the other slot and it makes a kind of mixture of noise similar to someone who moves a microphone. Im who wondered if anyone could know the cause? The MESA is now closed and the technologies of local amps are being donkeys. Please help!


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  1. Ken C on August 4, 2009 5:32 pm

    That’s a lot of amp you bought!

    Most likely, there’s a preamp tube that going or gone. At least, that’s the easy problem to solve.

    It’s also possible that an interstage coupling capacitor is bad. When those go, they will cause problems like you describe.

    It could also be an issue with a solder joint, although I very rarely see that with Mesa gear.

    You should have a tube layout chart (if not, download the manual from Mesa). I would swap preamp tubes with the other clean channel. If the problem moves, it’s the tube. If it doesn’t, it’s something else in the channel.

    Good luck.

    Greetings from Austin, Tx


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