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austinusapowers asked:

I have a good guitar and now I buy for amps and maybe get different effects for sounds, but mostly clean shine and violin-like overdrive to hard rock and metal. I know there are several schools of thought but to hear the opinions. 1) The Purist 's who think you have to go with the amplfication of all-tube amps and overexcitement for the distortion? The problem here is that I play mainly in home / studio ... it 's very difficult to turn the volume to maximum to achieve the optimum tone overexcitement. And there aren 't too many choices in amps low wattage tube. 2) A tube amp with the effects? The tube amps is quite expensive and fragile, and it seems that many people use a ton of effects of the floor or the rack with them as power conditioners, the pre-amp, modulation, echo, etc.. Tube because the affair if you 're using Indeed? 3) How about a semi-conductor amps with effects? It seems like the most practical way to go keep some dollars. Good understanding is appreciated.


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  1. Toeless_Joe_Jackson on July 3, 2009 4:39 pm

    I use a Peavey digital amp and Digitech RP10 effects.
    The RP10 has a host of effects, all good. A plus is it also has built in pedal which can be used for volume control.
    The only additional effect I needed was a wah wah pedal.
    Good luck

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