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truekicks asked:

I have Jass of Ibanez electric and a tube of vintage amps of the box. Is there spicific effects pedal that can give rockabilly, the sound of brian setzer. I have the effect on my pedal zoom but I do not want to depend from the drive.


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  1. XENON BLACK on December 4, 2008 2:40 am

    Here is the specifics on Brains sound

  2. C'est Pas Vrai! on December 7, 2008 3:33 am

    Line 6 pod xt live ($499.99) has absolutley everything you would ever need, in true 24 bit stereo sound quality effects. Zoom’s pedals are actually pretty good these days too (they’ve come along ways in the past 5 years).

    However, if you just want a rockabilly/setzer sound, you should be able to create a sound that’s at least comparable to Setzer’s with the guitar and tube amp you have now;

    Turn the gain/drive down to a nice crunchy level (probably between 4 & 6 depending upon your amp), set your mids just a little on the high side (probably about a 6.5 or so), and use a fair amount of reverb (Between 6 & 8, again, depending upon your amp’s reverb unit). Mess around with which pick-up to use on your guitar as you see fit, although I almost always go with the bridge pickup (i luuuvs the treble!).

    …unless your amp totally sucks (or doesn’t have any drive/gain channel), this should give you a very nice rockabilly sound.

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