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mrid88in asked:

The Dynacos is monoblock amplifiers of the tube of 60 watts, with a single pot. to register for the polarization within the tube exit. This allows the use of matched pairs of tubes exit. I would like to install two pot so that it can record independent of me aslant to the pipes and leaving would use tubes unatched.


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  1. olin1963 on September 23, 2009 10:31 am

    Yes, you could do this. But by using mismatched tubes, even if the DC balance is set properly, you will increase distortion in the amp as each half of the audio waveform is amplified a different amount and on different non-linear portions of the tube’s gain curve.

    But if you should insist, then the easiest and best way to achieve balance in this amp with mismatched tubes might be to replace the common cathode resistor for the outputs (11.2 Ohm 1 Watt) with a variable resistor network rather than tampering with the tube bias circuit. Email me for details.


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