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michelevit asked:

I'm looking to add a controller to know that? the volume of the tunnel my locker. the amp? King and speakers are included, so I want to use a potentionmeter with a knob of the year so I can just go up and turn up or turn already? sounds without leaving the game to use the bar volume control in windows. I have seen this done before, but just seeking a simple tutorial. thanks in advance also ask that potentionmeter of spec. should I buy - as Ohm?


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  1. neoxbox1 on December 27, 2008 12:20 am

    there should be 3 contacts on the pot. take pos or neg wire from the speaker and connect to pot’s outside and middle contact(1 wire to 2 contacts). the contact thats left is wired back to the speaker. btw-dosn’t matter wich outside contact u use, all that will detrmin is if the volume gos up clockwise or counter clockwise in regard to the pots location.

  2. speedycat on December 28, 2008 6:04 pm

    Like the answerer above
    just do it times two……

    a Stereo L pad….

    Turn up the juice.
    100K dual-ganged stereo volume control with audio taper. Double potentiometer 40% loudness tap. 1/2″-long, 1/4″-diameter shaft. Mounts in 3/8″ hole.

    Double potentiometer
    40% loudness tap

    What’s in the box

    100K-Ohm Stereo Control (1)
    Nut (1)
    Washer (1)

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    100K Dual-Ganged Stereo Volume Control

    Model: 271-1732
    Catalog #: 271-1732

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