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I have a friend who is selling their old amps (he 's used it for 10 years), l @ @ king to buy my son a the amps with a little more ummph and I know this sounds great amps, the knobs are a little Scratchy when you turn the plug and ground was broken and some cosmetic wear, but that 's all that you find to be wrong with it what I consider to pay a brand new amps of this size and then you breaks in 6-9 months down the road, so since it is too, or should I even consider it?

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  1. bbstacker001 on February 20, 2009 5:10 pm

    I have 3 Peavey guitar amps. 2 are about 35 years old (210 watts each) and the other is about 20 years old (150 watts). I have not been able to find an amp that I like better. I’ve been playing for 45 years. They are the most reliable amps I have ever seen. My favorite is a Peavey Musician 400 through the original bass reflex cabinet. A little contact cleaner will fix the “scratchy knobs”. Cut off the old plug and put on a “hospital grade” plug. Replace the whole power chord if the old one is cracked or brittle. Open it up and vaccuum out all the dust to help disapate the heat. I can’t help you with the price, but it would be just a fraction of the cost of a new Ampeg.

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