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*~Nadia~* asked:

ci? ? it: on a cushion shock amp? re pro-child, was the vintage 70-watt mint. could someone tell me a little more? In this regard, as the year? been done, how valuable that?, etc.?


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  1. Tracy on December 23, 2008 3:00 pm

    I date your Fender Amp at 1953. The first link below shows a 1953 model like yours which sold yesterday for $4,050.00.

    The second link is a 1959 model which was for sale for $5,950.00, but it received no bidders.

    The third link is another 1953 model like yours which is now on sale. The current bid on it is up to $610.00 so far.

    All three of these amplifiers are model 5E3.

    I hope this makes your day.

  2. Seth on December 26, 2008 4:38 pm

    15W of power
    10″ speaker
    All-tube circuitry
    Unique clean-to-drive volume control
    Black covering
    Chicken head knobs

    they make them now too

    The Fender Pro Junior Combo Amp is a small all-tube amp in the classic tradition of the model “600” and Champ. It’s simple yet very effective. Delivers 15W through a 10″ speaker. Features all-tube circuitry, unique clean-to-drive volume control, black covering, and chicken head knobs.

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