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Marshall B asked:

I 'm. that runs a vintage V100 '' Les Paul '' clones amps with a luxury 90-watt shock cushion 900. Everything is so great with this development, but on the string of A and E on the low, you can hear noises like a great buzz. I do not think the rims are irregular, have complied fully well with me.


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  1. girtha on February 14, 2009 12:48 am

    it sounds like one of two things
    1. the neck is out of alinment
    2. the action is set to low on the strings

    my guess would be 1
    look at the neck from the top of the headstock down to the body and make sure that the neck is not twisted or is completly flat it should be slightly concaved

    if your not comfortable adjusting the truss rod take it to a guitar shop and they can get you fixed up

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