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ubaid khan asked:

Develop an amps using this schematic drawing. I found a circuit. What have simulator and Marshall amps dell'annata cushion shock. The details are here. cabinet ~ lxh2/marsh.html (With) ~ lxh2/marshprb.gif (without cabinet) ~ lxh2 / So I have to merge. With the schematic drawing above the broad. So how can I add it. Comes to resemble the preamp. So while one should use external preamp or just enjoy flying feet box. And secondly what is in the second circuit voltage because it is not mentioned anywhere. Any other advice would be appreciated. Also suggests that all software designs for PCBs and circuit simulation for guitar amps. Currently I use the LiveWire and the wizard of PWB but a few things like the power transistor and the library of their CI lacks. Sorry on my bad English.


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  1. tlbs101 on January 14, 2009 3:17 am

    Those simulators should be used as separate pre-amps. If you use them in-line in an effects loop, or as a stpmp box, then they *might* get over-driven and defeat the purpose. It may be possible to use them as a stomp box IF they are the first ones in line right after the guitar pickup.

    Unfortunately, the voltage to the op-amps must be bi-polar since that is the way the circuits are designed. Both circuits (marshall and Fender) are the same in that regard. A single 9V battery will not do. A minimum of +/- 9V is needed. It would be better to use +/- 12V or even +/- 15 volts. If two 9V batteries are used and the results sound OK to you, then you can use two 9V batteries. But, I suspect there will be a difference in the sound if you increase the supply voltage higer than +/- 9V, but that is only an educated guess.

    As for circuit design software — what you have sounds adequate. For DIP IC packages you can probably draw your own with the available line and box tools in PCB wizard.

    Good luck on your project. I have a new type of direct-box that I am working on right now.


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