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Jim H asked:

I am currently building a small guitar amplifier with a secondary mini-stage preamp tube that feeds an LM386 for the amplifier stage. The sub-mini output signal of the preamp tube is approximately 100k ohms and I was wondering if this is suitable for the input of the LM386. The mini-amps is essentially very similar in design to its well-known for Smokey. I'm only developing a sub-mini tube preamp for the tubes because I find myself around. I am not thinking to get the sound quality and my only wish is that it sounds a little better then a stock design Smokey. This amps is being design as a novelty only in the hope that I can use it to practice with while in travel.


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  1. billrussell42 on July 4, 2009 3:09 pm

    no, the 386 has a typical input Z of about 50kΩ, so with a 100kΩ source impedance you will lose 2/3s of the signal. And the input will be at a high impedance and tend to pick up hum and noise.

    If you are going to use an IC amp, using tubes for their supposed better sound quality is not too effective.


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