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ddrmiam asked:

Transport my head, in a case in the back of my truck to take the practical and Jole. It 's was very cold when I carried out my amps for practice in today. Lle is now producing intermittent responses of the hand. I left the heat to a room temperature before you inform up.


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  1. Joe on September 27, 2009 9:13 pm

    Extreme cold can be bad for all sorts of electronics. The temperature isn’t really the issue, it’s the possibility of condensation causing a problem. You were right to wait for a while before firing up the amplifier but I fear you may not have waited long enough. I have had success in the past cleaning equipment with an alcohol contact cleaner pen. If you have experience, take the amplifier apart and examine the board for oxidation and corrosion. Scrub areas that look like there is gunk built up. Clean areas around IC pins especially. Oxidized solutions in and around pins can cause all sorts of problems. Keep in mind that this might only temporarily fix the problem. Water inside chips may eventually cause further failures. Hopefully, this wont be the case. Good luck.

  2. cezar t on September 30, 2009 3:06 pm

    Because it is a tube amp,it has high voltage inside(danger for you!!!!) and humidity will affect it more then a solid state amp.
    Use a hair dryer to blow hot air inside for 20 minutes then try again.If this didn’t solve the problem then go to a service to see if it isn’t something burn(resistor or capacitor).
    good luck!!!

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