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mattappleby26 asked:

And how would go about it? Use the speaker port on the back of the head? It doesn 't officially a line outside, but it has a port on the front that could be produced. Unfortunately? a very rare and unheard amplifier, cos? I can 't find this information. And also, that the development of equipment (eg mixers, FX or board) and the programs you suggest using to record the songs on my computer? To register just so some respectable demonstrations. of quality. Thank you


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  1. magyver on September 15, 2009 11:02 pm

    If you could find any data at all on a plate on the amp, name, model, etc, Ken C would have a shot at identifying it. But for now, do not attempt to hook the amp to your PC. The results would most likely be horrifying, and we would never know, because your computer would be fried.

    For your mixing and editing, you need no hardware, only the software set on the page below. It is by far the best software for the job I have ever seen. There are over 20 software’s that work together, to do things you haven’t even thought of yet.

    The price is great, and I have dealt with the company for 30 years. Make a sandwich before clicking on the page, you will be glued to your monitor for a while.

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