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Olly k asked:

Right ... Im in a situation where I have a JCM 800 to 100 watt origonal and now it sounds great for the riff and the kind of stuff really heavy pace but not as good for the guitar cable and im into stuff like gilbert and the runner paul x (lots of guitar cable) ive examining the purchase of vintage modern 2266 or 2466 (the paul gilbert hours of using the combined version) so what you would do in this situation, the sale of classic JCM 800 and a VM obtain or retain of pro JCM: classic amps make your shock nuts with the volume matrix 2 Cons: edge-switch between the clean and dist the stuff of the cable is hard and not very good for the game of things as the page or the runner x Pro VM: exchangeable between the dist or almost clean (just roll back the volume a bit) Reverb Cons: Lol not as strong (not much of a problem) It will not be the appropriate anywere near as much as the 800 for sale Thanks Olly


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  1. Lordd Virgil on April 10, 2009 7:46 am

    I can not think of a single situation in which I would give up, sell, or trade a JCM800. Everyone I know that has done so has lived to regret it.

    The VM is cool but only in limited situations. It’s nice for studio work but not as ball-sy for live playing.

    My sound and sage advice is to save the money and buy the VM. HAVE BOTH!!!!

    How can anyone ever have too many Marshalls?

    Oh, and if you do NOT take my advice…sell the JCM800 to ME!!

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