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  1. historian on June 2, 2010 1:11 am

    If the receiver has a “line out,” that’s where the CD recorder should be hooked up. If you connect both the CD recorder (a player/recorder, I assume) and the cassette deck to the receiver inputs, you’ll be able to play either tapes or a CD through the receiver, but the only receiver output will be to the speakers.

    If you don’t have a line out, you probably can use the headphone jack of the Kenwood to the recorder, but you’ll have to experiment with the volume control to find the right level.

    I’m not familiar with the Pioneer CD recorder — will it take a music input and give you an audio CD? Or does it record data files? Big difference.

    If this doesn’t help, post a list of the receiver connections marked “output” or “out” and the CD recorder connections marked “in” or “input.”

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