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M J asked:

Hello types! I 'the VE been around some tube amps and none of them quite strongly snap shut once the one I' the VE obtained. What causes a tube amps to make a snap once off anyway? Electricity that is stored unloaded nell'altoparlante? More importantly, damage the amplifier when I do this? He does so even if all knobs are set to zero.


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  1. Tracy on October 11, 2009 12:16 pm

    It is fairly common for a tube amp to do this, and some solid state amps do also. It certainly does not harm the amp. It is a little hard on the speaker if it is real loud.

    A tube amp will have an output transformer, so this means no DC will pass to the speakers, but a transient in any stage of the amplifier will pass through to the speakers. There are a number of causes. A bad tube is the first possibility, and it can be any tube in the amp. An intermittent electrolitic capacitor would be the second place to look.

    I could tell you how to track this down, but we would have to do that by email.

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