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Joshua L asked:

Hello my situation is that I have guitar les standards and the great paul gibson junior and also an Epiphone valve. Problem healthy valv Jr. is the only major that has only 1 control volume. for those of you that don 't know the boutique tube amps work, when the crankshaft up the pipes get a natural distortion. As you can see if the elbow up to my amps gets to unbearable levels. So I know that I need new amps. I'm probably going to get the marshall vintage modern. Now I lead worship at my church, I also play in a classic rock band in which I 'd be using my Les Paul. I 'm. finally going to get both but need to decide which in the first place. Since there both above 2000 +. BTW I 'M probably going to get a taylor 614ce because he says the 600 series is great for use under tension. Anyone else has reccommendations for acoustic guitars?


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  1. cichlid gal on January 28, 2009 1:49 am

    yes. Martin makes some affordable acoustic guitars. I’d recomment an electric acoustic. I have sold quite a few of them. They sound a lot like their more expensive relatives. My favorite was an electric acoustic solid spruce top with rosewood laminate sides. gorgeous sounding and beautiful looking! You can usually get these under a $1000 dollars, sometimes a lot cheaper.

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