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Kyle P asked:

I have a set of speaker components, a set of coaxial speakers, two amplifiers and a subwoofer bazooka tube of which I want installed in my car and I'm really thinking this stuff coupling.   Considering the level of difficulty? and the possibility to destroy the equipment, should I try to do this? How difficult? What avr? need and how long this take? If its not worthy to be, let me know. I just don 't want to pay $ 250 something I could just do me


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  1. Matthew on November 20, 2009 5:23 am

    It would save a good bit of money

  2. JDMjosh on November 22, 2009 12:49 am

    Sure, you can do it yourself. Absolutely. I hate paying others to do things that I can learn and have fun doing.

    One thing to remember though, is if your equipment is brand new from the store, and you end up blowing your speakers or amp or deck, you can’t return it if you installed it yourself. You’ll need a receipt saying it was installed by a dealer or a trained shop employee.

    So just don’t break anything 😉

    1. Disconnect your positive battery terminal from the battery (every time!) before you start working.

    2. If your gear is old, search the web for wiring diagrams. You can pretty much find any diagram out there (ignore pay-sites, it’s a hustle, you’ll find it for free if you keep looking.)

    3. Wire cutter, wire strpper, electrical tape (plastic couplers if you wanna do a nice job) and a crimper.

    Go to town. It’s basic. Find your wires, use the right gauge wire, follow your diagram.

    Oh, and I’d put a ‘fusible link’ under the hood, somewhere along the positive power wire that leads to your amp. If your car F’s up, or you get a boost from someone, it could save your amp from being fried.

  3. J on November 25, 2009 2:19 am

    You can do the mono or 2 channel amp yourself and the coaxial speakers, but the components are a little bit tougher if your car doesn’t already have tweeters, if you want it to look good (otherwise you can just lay them or hang them somewhere. If you were to get anything installed professionally, get the 4 channel done. you have 2 options, running new speaker wire around the car to each speaker, or to run speaker wire up to the radio and connect the speaker wire to the car side of the wire harness (this takes less time). If you do it all yourself, get at least this thing called speedwire, its insulated and has all the speaker wires for a 4 channel amp and makes things also go quicker.

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