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  1. JAMES D on April 30, 2010 1:45 am

    Getting a decent home stereo set up on the cheap is easy enough.
    Immediately I’d suggest Richer Sounds as it’s what they do. I’ve had all my stuff from there. Originally I built a Yamaha set up and a couple of years ago changed to Cambridge Audio azur.
    Other stores like Superfi also do a good range of budget stuff.
    I’d recommend getting What Hi Fi mag to start. In the back they have a list of recommended products broken down into price ranges. This may give you an idea of what you want. Then go online and see if you can get it.
    Otherwise, just look at Richer Sounds. I recommend them a lot on here, but for a good reason. They have the best prices and their service is excellent.
    On the whole, go with recognised brands, just don’t think that decent audio starts and ends with Technics like a lot of people. When you start reading around, you may come across brands you’ve never heard of, but they may be among the best ones. Older stuff isn’t an issue, so long as you know it’s been well treated. What sounded good in the past will still sound good now so long as it’s in good working order. Just consider what you’ll want to run through it, how many connections the amp has, do you want to use a turntable (not all amps will run one without a preamp).
    I only changed my stuff to upgrade to better sound (marginal but hey), and went for Cambridge Audio as it’s a more budget line. More bang for my buck, so to speak. If I could afford Naim, Cyrus or Arcam I would. 😉

    Richer Sounds

    Just reading around their website at the tips and jargon buster and such will give you a heads up on some stuff to consider.

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