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Max B asked:

i 'm who is studying the possibility to buy an amplifier of the box (series v33-212 V) says that the tube has 4 EL-84 exit if put? new tubes in it, should be of the EL-84? also, some are valued more? superior to others for better quality, or are all basically the same?


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  1. on July 23, 2009 2:21 pm

    Yes, your amplifier will require EL-84s. A technician might be able to hack it up to work on something else, but right now it can only work on EL-84 valves and their 6BQ5 American cousins. As for tube pricing, many people swear up and down that tubes vary greatly in quality. The Chinese ones are the lousiest, the ones made in Soviet countries are okay, and the new old stock (NOS) American and European ones are the best. Certain model tubes can go for hundreds of dollars for a matched pair on account of their capabilities. For a Crate, Eastern European tubes like Sovteks are probably your best bet, in all honesty. Chinese ones will be microphonic and die quickly, while NOS first-world ones tend to be pricey in the common types like EL-84. Also, know that if you change one tube, you HAVE to change all the power tubes. Otherwise you may burn out the fresh one.

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