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Chicken_Of_Darkness asked:

Howdy, I recently obtained my hands on a hybrid combined the amp? Re (preamplification of ss, VT for the post of Deuce Peavey tube) bought from original owner in about 1980. Sounds really nice and I 'd appreciate some help with certain topics: In the first place? come on without a foot switch and I would get a lot so that it can I use the amp? re on the pi? full and do anyone know where I could get a power, as I 'm. who has difficulties find one? Second, the knobs aren 't in great condition, can be replaced relatively economically? In third place,? been suggested to me that replacing the tube with 'Russian' pipes, as I go about doing this and estimates on cost? Fourth, also? been suggested that I get the SS replaced the preamp with a tube preamp, cos? the same for this as above, as I do this and all estimates of prices? Fifth, any suggestions on how to get some good sounds from this pedal clean, overexcitement, good going with it, whatever kind of thing that might help would be much appreciated! I 'M Rhone even this amp? king, so all the tips and suggestions that people are concerned about giving more? very reassuring to be estimated, cos? Thanks in advance for all of you for answering!


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  1. kingofmediocrity on March 27, 2009 1:29 am

    Scour ebay, check yard sales for compatible old high-fi gear.

    No estimate on prices, matey. Not a lot of call for non solid-state anymore.

  2. adamlutts on March 27, 2009 6:14 am

    You can get the footswitch on ebay. You can get knobs too, any knob style will work,just get a style you like.

    As far as the tubes and preamp, go to your local music store and check the prices. I believe this amp uses 1 12AX7 tube which runs around $12. You or a buddy could change it out by taking out the power section and doing the exchange. It’s as easy as changing a lightbulb. The rest the music store can do.

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