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  1. DJ on June 27, 2010 12:10 am

    W.R. Weaver Co., was founded in 1930 in El Paso by William Ralph Weaver, a true pioneer and innovator in sport optics.

    He died in 1975 and the company was sold off to mega-corporate giants who moved production to Japan and then later China. They still make good scopes, just not as good as the El Paso made ones.

    That’s a nice little 4x scope and if the optics are clean and un-abused, it should provide years of service. I buy as many old Weavers as I can find and afford and use them on many of my vintage rifles and rimfires. If I had to guess, I’d say that was a pre-1950 scope, by the adjustment mechanism. May even be pre-WWII.

    I’m a little biased …..I live near the Weaver Estate, which is a residential landmark in these parts. My wife has several elderly relatives that worked for Weaver as lens grinders, assembly line workers, etc.

    There are several Weaver collectors sites on the web. Also, there is an old man in El Paso that worked in the original factory that will do repairs and restorations.

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