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Tom1973 asked:

wife. I 'the VE that game for 15 years, however, I sold my electrics some years ago to pay off some debt. Let me say, tears of this guitar. On the bridge design is nice collection of Duncan humbucker. Game through my Marshall amp a magnesium 30DFX? King 30 watts and have a child to pedal Dunlop cry as well. Using the slinkies excellent 9 'ball Ernie; s. This guitar? really good for the money. It 's listed on the Web site of the gentleman of the cushion shock for $ 499, but my wife got new for $ 330, received a lot about it. It 's color? of gun-gray metal. Tell me what you think about it? Links are below.


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  1. Really ripped on January 24, 2009 8:17 am

    THAT IS A NICE GUITAR!! my friends dad just got one for around $400 somthing like that! it is a nice color!!! u r lucky i have been playing guitar since i was like 7 so around 9 years!!!

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