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DAVID B asked:

I have a friend who is trying one of these "Dial Tone" by Elliott; boxes of the volume on his amplifier tube. He has blue cushion shock of luxury and the volume is too strong even with the knob all the way down. What jumps from no sound at all that ear deafening loud. He doesn 't have the cash to buy $ 350. the hot plate, or the power impregnates. We have heard of "Dial Tone" from one that was jammed last summer with us the couple times, but since he has obtained a gift or stole it from someone or something. The guy said he is using his "Dial Tone" a lot of time for live performance and it has never done anything about the disarray in his amps. He said that the box volume when the volume changes nothing. Loved the tone with her, we gave it the same tone at any volume. Any way help please, we 're tired of the protests of neighbors shooting.


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  1. Fritz T. on September 13, 2009 2:40 am

    Try here. Use the link to order one Peace and Rock On.

  2. Chance K on September 15, 2009 11:22 am

    We found reviews for the Elliott Tone dial volume box at the following address……

    We bought the Tone Dial on Ebay. You can type in the following address to see the Tone Dial listings……

    We have the metal version of the Tone Dial, and it is bulletproof. Very nice product for way cheap!!

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