Tube Amplifiers
Clement S asked:

I 'm. re currently a tape recorder reel to reel of the year, using an amplifier of the valve (tube). It works well, but there 'so S.A. little bit of buzz, the valves? in good condition, but I have to replace some of the filter capacitors. I need two 16 microfarad lle protections from 275 volt and two 32 microfarad lle protections from 375 volts. I don 't know where to obtain them. I 'the VE has observed all over the web, but just chamfer the discovery of what I need. Suggestions? ? memory of there electronic local Newmarket near where I live in what store?


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  1. dmb06851 on July 28, 2009 10:12 pm

    I’m sure that that the monthly hi-fi press carries adverts for valve amplifier spares.
    Have a crafty perusal next time you’re in WH Smiths.

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