Tube Amplifiers
thanr asked:

The 60 watt amps combined sell for around $ 500. I 'the VE has seen it used for 300. That seems too inexpensive for a really good amps tube makes me wrong? The pro players out there who have used them?


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  1. DIMESCIPLE on December 9, 2009 9:35 pm

    Pignose has been making portable battery powered practice amps forever it seems. I don’t know one person who uses one in their live rig though. I’m sure you could if you mic’d it up but..they are marketed and sold as practice/warm up travel amps.In the PANTERA 3 DVD you can see DIME walking the streets of NYC jamming with a street performer using a Pignose. Like I said that’s not to say you couldn’t use one for everyday playing,or live use.Kind of like the Marshall “micro stack”,except the Pignose is a portable play anywhere type of an amp.
    Got a model # of the specific one you got your eye on?Here’s a link to hopefully help you out further.

  2. future fate on December 12, 2009 8:13 am

    First of all they are very simple, secondly they are probably made in China.
    they are very clean amps, they don’t really have good distortion in them so you will need a pedal distortion. I don’t think many pros use them but whatever sounds right to you is right.
    For sound I would check out Crate tube amps, and also Behringer hybrid amps, they can really sound really amazing and cost about the same.
    I love Carvin amps too, which you can get used for a song. Even some old Peavey tube amps crank.

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