Tube Amplifiers
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Partisipated with a group that I was blindfolded and allowed to listen to several recordings of music play digital equipment to state-ot - sull'audio art DVD and still have the vinyl records played through tube amps. In any case, the vinyl records were played with tube amplifiers were rated by most partisipants to be more pleasing to hear that the new semi-conductor systems were. Phenomin This is also proven by the rising prices on older tube amplifiers on the market and the introduction of new tube amplifiers. I want to know why this is so? The type of music was big band. The majority of listeners preferred the analog presentation, but there was a significant number who chose the digital age. To my amateur ear, the digital sound tough, not like hearing the band live. The similar didn 't sound like a band live one or the other, but it was less offensive.


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